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700 Audio/Video Remote Control HID
7230stig (Remote Control)
A32 (Mono Audio)
AARON (Mono Audio)
AARON (Stereo Audio)
ACER-8363B17577 (Mono Audio)
ACER-8363B17577 (Stereo Audio)
ACPI Function Key Handler
ALPS Integrated Bluetooth Device
ANDROID_BT (Remote Control)
Angelo iPhone4s (Remote Control)
Anonymous (Stereo Audio)
Audio Source Service
Audio stereo Bluetooth
AUREOZINA (Stereo Audio)
BCK-08 Hands-Free Audio and Call Control HID Enumerator
Belkin Bluetooth Adapter
Bernd 58 (Remote Control)
Biggi (Stereo Audio)
BIP Responder
BlackBerry 9800 (Remote Control)
Bluetooth A2DP Source
bluetooth jayna (Remote Control)
C.A (Remote Control)
C5-PG (Remote Control)
C510 (Remote Control)
C903 (Remote Control)
C905 (Remote Control)
Chingachgook (Remote Control)
Chromebook (Stereo Audio)
DELL Mobile 360 in DFU - CSR Driver
Didou XD (Remote Control)
DJINDJI Nokia 6133 (Remote Control)
Dove (Remote Control)
DROID RAZR HD (Remote Control)
DROID RAZR M (Remote Control)
DROID X2 (Remote Control)
DROID2 (Remote Control)
EEE (Stereo Audio)
F100i (Stereo Audio)
G502 (Remote Control)
GT-I9105P (Stereo Audio)
Handy Riccardo (Remote Control)
Hazel gyn (Remote Control)
HP nx7000
HP-PC (Stereo Audio)
HPZ (Stereo Audio)
I8910 (Remote Control)
Imaging (Responder)
iPad (Remote Control)
iPad (Stereo Audio)
iPad de Pascale (Remote Control)
iPad van Evert Wijdeveld (Remote Control)
iPhone (Remote Control)
iPhone (Stereo Audio)
iPhone de serge (Remote Control)
iPod touch (Remote Control)
iPod van Alex (Remote Control)
J108i (Remote Control)
Jabra BT2070 Hands-Free Audio and Call Control HID Enumerator
Jabra HALO2 v5.20.0 (Mono Audio)
Jabra HALO2 v5.20.0 (Remote Control)
Jabra HALO2 v5.20.0 (Stereo Audio)
Jawbone ICON (Mono Audio)
Jette (Remote Control)
K850i (Remote Control)
Kilimandscharo (Remote Control)
LG HBS730 (Mono Audio)
LG HBS730 (Remote Control)
LG HBS730 (Stereo Audio)
LG VN270 Betty (Remote Control)
Liviu (Remote Control)
MAGIC (Remote Control)
MAGIC (Stereo Audio)
Majid kharat,ha (Stereo Audio)
Manu (Remote Control)
mario02 (Remote Control)
Marlies (Remote Control)
MB526 (Remote Control)
MB855 (Remote Control)
Meichi (Stereo Audio)
Meister sein handy (Remote Control)
Milli ok (Remote Control)
MOTOROLA RAZR i (Remote Control)
MYATIVA (Remote Control)
N86 (Remote Control)
Nokia 2730c (Remote Control)
Nokia 300 (Remote Control)
Nokia 311 (Remote Control)
Nokia 3600 slide (Remote Control)
Nokia 3600 slide (Stereo Audio)
Nokia 3710 fold (Remote Control)
Nokia 3720c (Remote Control)
Nokia 3720c (Stereo Audio)
Nokia 5130 (Stereo Audio)
Nokia 5610d-1 (Remote Control)
Nokia 5800 (Stereo Audio)
Nokia 6131 (Remote Control)
Nokia 6210 Navigator (Remote Control)
Nokia 6233 (Remote Control)
Nokia 6260 slide (Stereo Audio)
Nokia 6600i slide (Remote Control)
Nokia 6700s (Remote Control)
Nokia 6710 Navigator (Remote Control)
Nokia 6720 Classic (Stereo Audio)
Nokia 7610 Supernova (Remote Control)
Nokia 8800 Afstandsbediening-HID voor audio/video
Nokia BH-214 (Mono Audio)
Nokia C2-01 (Remote Control)
Nokia C3-01.5 (Remote Control)
Nokia E75 (Remote Control)
Nokia N78 (Remote Control)
NOKIA N96 (Remote Control)
Nokia N97 mini (Remote Control)
Nokia N97 mini (Stereo Audio)
Nokia X6-00 (Remote Control)
Nokia X7-00 (Remote Control)
Nokia2700 (Stereo Audio)
Nudo (Stereo Audio)
Parrot MKi9200 (Mono Audio)
Parrot MKi9200 (Remote Control)
Parrot MKi9200 (Stereo Audio)
Parwin Ahmed Arab (Stereo Audio)
Pitbull (Remote Control)
PLT_Legend (Mono Audio)
PLT_Legend (Remote Control)
PLT_Legend (Stereo Audio)
PLT_M1100 (Mono Audio)
PLT_M1100 (Remote Control)
PLT_M1100 (Stereo Audio)
Qader ib (Stereo Audio)
Rachel (Remote Control)
raj (Remote Control)
RS NOKIA Lumia 710 (Stereo Audio)
Sarah (Remote Control)
Sax. (Remote Control)
Seine frau x3 (Remote Control)
Service de source audio
Shiju. (Remote Control)
SRS-BTD70 (Stereo Audio)
ST27i (Remote Control)
Subin (Stereo Audio)
S^4 Xeon (Remote Control)
T650i (Stereo Audio)
U100i (Remote Control)
U10i (Remote Control)
USB Bluetooth Device
USER-PC (Stereo Audio)
VDP Source
Venema klaas (Stereo Audio)
Vertu Constellation T (Remote Control)
W20i (Remote Control)
W580i (Remote Control)
W595 (Remote Control)
W610i-gunther (Remote Control)
W910i (Remote Control)
Windows Phone (Stereo Audio)
Wireless Headset (Mono Audio)
Wireless Keyboard Device
X2-01 (Remote Control)
X2-01 Audio/Video Remote Control HID
X8 (Stereo Audio)
XPERIA U (Remote Control)
Xperia Z (Stereo Audio)
XT910 (Remote Control)